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Day Trading Encyclopedia

You will find everything you need to learn to day trade the markets through our exclusive day trading encyclopedia. It contains common terms, examples, screen shots and videos. Let us know what you are looking for to help you learn best? Written definitions Video explanations Trading Exchanges [...]

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A-Z Trading Terms

Arbitrage The simultaneous purchase and sale of an identical or similar asset for the purpose of profiting from the difference in price as a result of the inefficiency in the market. These assets can be in different forms and / or on different markets.  Averaging Down An investment strategy that is used for [...]

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Today’s Day Trader Strategy

One of the most common and destructive mistakes a day trader makes is to simply not follow their plans. Temptation, an “obvious signal”, and just simple greed can lead traders down the road of being undisciplined. This is without a doubt one of the most dangerous mistakes, as traders will often lose more than they originally planned as they raised their amount risked.