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NYSE Euronext

NYSE Euronext
May 04
03:22 2011

The NYSE Euronext, formerly the New York Stock Exchange, can be thought of not only as a physical place at 11 Wall Street, filled with clamoring human traders, but also as an intangible flow of electrons, representing trade across the globe. It’s the world’s largest stock exchange, and it is unique in that although it has transformed itself into a modern amalgamation of many merged, global exchanges, it still maintains its storied sense of place on Wall Street in Manhattan, New York.

It still lists company stocks, under several exchange headings: The NYSE itself still exists to trade large- and medium-sized companies in the largest and most liquid cash equities exchange in the world. The NYSE Arca is designed for small, growing enterprises and exchange traded funds. In fact , it is the largest ETF public liquidity pool in the United States. Listings on the NYSE Arca are only traded electronically, but if a company grows enough to eventually be listed on the NYSE itself, it can be transferred from the NYSE Arca.

The NYSE Euronext trades large- and medium-size companies like the NYSE, but these are Eurozone companies being traded on the first integrated cross-border exchange. It includes French, Dutch, Belgian and Portuguese equities. The NYSE Alternext is to the NYSE Euronext what the NYSE Arca is the NYSE: an incubating exchange for emerging companies, traded electronically.

The NYSE Amex contains the company listings of the former American Stock Exchange, which was also located in New York. The two exchanges merged in 2008, which is the most recent of the many mergers undertaken by the NYSE. Others include the merger with ArcaEx in 2006 to form the NYSE Arca, MatchPoint Trading, the Marco Polo Network, SIAC, and then its significant merger with Euronext in 2007. These are but the latest developments in a very long history of trading since brokers and merchants formalized their trading in New York in 1792.

Today, its traded products include not only securities, but also indexes of those securities, futures and options on those securities and indexes, NYSE and Euronext bonds, and precious metal commodity futures and options under the banner of NYSE Liffe.

Because the NYSE Euronext uses a powerful electronic trading platform, trade is certainly possible at any hour of any day, but the individual markets do have specified trading hours and holidays. Because they are spread across two continents, these trading hours and holidays are different for different markets. For specifics, visit the exchange’s website at

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